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Our attorneys have been serving accident victims in Central New Jersey for more than 25 years, and we believe there is a lot more to helping our clients than just obtaining monetary settlements. If you believe you’ve been injured as the result of someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence, or if you’re dealing with the death of a loved one and have no clue where to turn, you’ve already found your best resource—experienced attorneys who can address any type of personal injury, workers’ compensation, or wrongful death claim you may have.

At Pezzano Mickey & Bornstein, LLP in Flemington, NJ, you are more than a number; you are a unique individual with a unique story, and we want to hear it from start to finish. It’s not just our job to listen and support you during what might be one of the toughest times of your life—it’s our passion, and this is something you won’t find from other personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys in Flemington, NJ.

We have made it our life’s work to guide people on the path to recovery, eliminating as much of their stress as possible along the way. If you’re looking for seasoned, knowledgeable personal injury or workers’ compensation attorneys in Flemington, NJ who will bring true compassion to your life, you’ve found them. To meet the needs of as many clients as possible, we also have offices in Phillipsburg and Bridgewater, NJ.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation, Wrongful Death, And Personal Injury Claims

Expert Advice From Attorneys Who Deal With Them Day In And Day Out In Flemington, NJ

Employees are expected to work hard for their employers, but at the same time, employers are expected to treat their employees with respect, which means working hard to ensure and maintain safe premises and working conditions. In fact, this isn’t just an expectation—it’s a duty. When employers breach this duty and a worker is injured as a result, that worker is entitled to pursue compensation in the form of lost wages due to the inability to work, coverage for all medical expenses related to the injury, and monetary awards for pain and suffering. In the event that an employee is killed as the result of unsafe working conditions, the family members of the individual who lost their life are entitled to file a wrongful death claim and pursue compensation for a number of losses, including wages, companionship, and child care that their loved one would have contributed throughout their lifetime, as well as all costs associated with the funeral and/or burial.

While most people associate workers’ compensation claims with injuries that occur acutely—such as broken bones from trip-and-fall events or malfunctioning pieces of equipment—there are many work-related injuries and illnesses that develop slowly, over long periods of time. These types of workers’ compensation claims can be more difficult to prove, but this doesn’t mean the victims of such injuries should forego pursuit of justice, and it doesn’t even mean they’re less likely to obtain it; it does, however, mean that they will need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney by their side. In part, this is because of the many technical legalities, loopholes, and time constraints that apply in Flemington and other jurisdictions throughout New Jersey, which are not only difficult to access without a legal background, but also certain to be used by the defense in their attempts to defeat the claim.

If you’ve sustained an injury outside the scope of your employment, you’re by no means out of luck; just like employers, property owners, equipment operators, medical providers, and even ordinary citizens have a duty to behave in ways that don’t threaten the safety and livelihood of others, and if this duty is disregarded at the expense of your well-being, you deserve to confidently and strongly pursue recuperation of your losses. Whether you’ve been involved in an auto accident, been attacked by someone’s dog, sustained an injury while using a public playground, slipped and fallen in a grocery store, or experienced any number of other events in Flemington, Phillipsburg, or Bridgewater, NJ, we can assess the details specific to your case and provide you with expert advice on how to handle your situation moving forward. Over the course of our careers as personal injury attorneys in New Jersey, we’ve carefully and diligently tended to the needs of clients who were in the midst of the physical, emotional, and mental healing processes that follow a variety of injuries, including life-altering burn, spinal cord, brain, and bone injuries.

Don’t Be Alone In The Aftermath Of Your Personal Injury

Turn To A Team Of Attorneys In Flemington, NJ

An injury can bring your life to a screeching halt, making each day a challenge and the search for compensation seem impossible. You’ve probably had to miss work, and you’re likely starting to see the medical bills accumulate. You might have unanswered questions, including “Who can answer all of my questions?” You may not even be sure if the injuries you’ve sustained are your fault or the result of someone else’s negligence. This is where our Flemington, NJ personal injury attorneys come in. With extensive experience in this often complex area of law, we will provide you with our undivided attention while reviewing the details of your situation, addressing your questions and concerns, and telling it to you straight.

As attorneys, we can attest to one of the toughest realities of personal injury law, which is that even if an individual fully deserves compensation for the pain and loss they’ve experienced as the result of someone else’s negligence, they won’t necessarily get it. This is true not just in Flemington, NJ, but across the nation. Why? More often than not, it’s because the insurance companies of at-fault parties will go to considerable lengths to avoid playing fairly, drag out the claims process, and refuse to offer reasonable settlements. Instead, they will employ manipulation tactics and examine every possible aspect of a plaintiff’s life in an attempt to paint them in a negative light and cast doubt on the legitimacy of their injuries. Attempting to combat such efforts without a fierce personal injury attorney at your side will not only be time-consuming and emotionally draining, but likely futile; an ordinary, honest individual’s resources pale in comparison to those of such powerful entities servicing Flemington, NJ. Don’t be this individual; be the individual who’s accompanied by a team of attorneys—attorneys who deal with insurance professionals and defense lawyers everyday, attorneys who can speak their language, preempt their every move, and answer their every argument with one that’s more robust and ultimately more effective.

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